We Are Opening Our first Retail Location! news

We Are Opening Our first Retail Location!


Olea Sales Now located In San Pedro CA.

Olea Sales is named after our mother Nora Olea who has been our role model and mentor. Our business started in 2010 selling in our front yard, we enjoyed the idea of meeting new people and building new customer relationships. We later progressed by opening up weekends at local flee markets. Our business escalated further more with the help of other online platforms such as Ebay and Amazon. We are dedicated sellers with a goal and passion to bring affordable prices to all of our customers.


Thank you all who have supported our business! I am happy to announce that our first shop will open July 2016 in San Pedro California. We handle store close outs, and we are able to get you our customers awesome deals so you can save and spend on things that matter most.


We will be located @ 454 W. 6th St, San Pedro CA 90731. Stop by to say hello and enjoy awesome deals!


Current orders

Please do note that this change will affect our online products. All products will be relocating and will not be available until 6-15-16. All current orders will be delayed by 5 business days. We apologize for the inconvenience.



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