Kindle TIPS for ANY kindle (Get Youtube and Play Store) tricks-tutorials

Kindle TIPS for ANY kindle (Get Youtube and Play Store)




The amazon Kindle is an amazing deal starting at only $49.99. This tablets are affordable and high quality. But unlike a Samsung or an iPad, the kindles do no pre-install one of the most popular app "Youtube".

Everyone loves Youtube! I personally find my self stuck watching videos for hours, this videos can be educational, funny, and interesting. So why not have it?

Unfortunately, YouTube can not be downloaded directly from the Amazon Store and do not come included with any of the kindles tablets. This is a deal breaker to many. Specially those looking to entertain their kids.

Luckily, Kindles are running a form of android system which support APK files. APK is a file format used by the android system to install and distribute apps. Which means that it is capable of running most of the apps you see on other tablets for example Youtube or Google Play store.

Here is the best video showing you how to install it yourself. **WITHOUT ROOTING YOUR DEVICE**


Easy DYI

When istalled you need to log in using a google account and install any app


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