iPhone XS MAX 'Chargegate' Charging Problem news

iPhone XS MAX 'Chargegate' Charging Problem

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If you are the proud owner of the newest iPhone XS Max, you might want to check your device. Many users have reported problems regarding the iPhone charging capabilities. Users reported that the phone does not receive charge when the phone screen is off(sleep-mode). Some have to tap the screen to begin charging, others are not so lucky.


Don't panic just yet! it appears to be a software problem and not a hardware problem. Apple may release a new update to correct this issue in a short time if the issues continues to affect more and more users. If you do not want to wait, you can exchange your device. However, some users who exchange their devices also experience the same issues with the replacements. 


We have tested four iPhone XS Max and 2 of 4 are experiencing this issue. No matter how you insert the cable or what cable you insert, it is unresponsive. Until you tap the screen, or wake up the phone then it begins to charge. All are perfectly charging when placed on a wireless charger. If you want to be certain that your phone charges overnight we suggest you switch to wireless charging, until the matter is resolved. 

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If you are a visual person, here is a video displaying the iPhone charging issue. Unbox Therapy perfectly displays this issue with several iPhone XS Max and even an iPhone XS. 


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